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About Me

The Daily Addiction Coach (DAC) Program was developed based on 25 years of experience in the addictions and trauma field, including work in various detox facilities, treatment centers, and educational programs. These endeavors encompassed injection clinics in East Vancouver, medical detox, youth and adult residential programs, Alberta treatment court, and specialized treatment for high-needs clients in inner cities.

Having worked in a research and education program, I recognized that current treatment approaches are not only outdated but also contradict the most beneficial findings of current research. In response, I developed this program based on the latest research, intending for it to be implemented in treatment facilities, hospitals, and client education materials.

And the results were remarkable!

I witnessed clients achieving their goals, transforming their lives, and reestablishing connections with family, friends, pets, hobbies, and the meaningful activities that bring joy. Hope began to emerge where it was once absent.

Unfortunately, these effective techniques and programs were often shelved due to budget limitations or difficulties in efficiently training staff. Consequently, programs repeatedly resorted to outdated step-by-step approaches, relying on the same tired sayings, videos, and, most troublingly, language that further stigmatizes individuals struggling with substance use.


My aim was to ensure that modern and current techniques could reach those in need precisely when they needed them.


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