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Daily Addiction Coaching (DAC): A 12-Week Program for Personal Transformation and Empowered Support in Overcoming Addiction

Personalized to your goals and your life by a certified addiction coach with 25 years experience.

My Approach is Different

Current research shows that addictions do not need to be lifelong burdens nor does it have to involve an all-or-none approach.

The field of addictions treatment has made leaps and bounds over the past couple years. This provides hope and optimism for those that are currently struggling with substance use issues.  Research tells us that being mindful and accountable for only moments out of each day moves us closer to reaching our goals and sustaining them for a lifetime?

Recovery is the norm, not the exception...

What's the difference between Daily Addiction Coaching and Other Treatment Approaches?
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​   Daily Addiction Coaching

  • Addiction is a way of coping with yourself and your world 

  • The solution requires self -awareness, new coping skills and changing how you interact with your environment.

  • Addiction can be outgrown.

  • You should identify problems and solutions in ways that work for you.

  • Just because someone is a recovering addict, it does not make them an expert or positive role model.

  • Addiction stems from other life problems that are left undealt with.

  • You should associate with a wide range of people (not just recovering addicts).

  • Getting better is not a matter of believing a dogma or powers.

  • You must develop your own "power" to get better.

  • Unlike government treatment, the information about you does not become part of your medical record.

Other Programs ​

  • Addiction is all-or-nothing; you are or aren't an addict.

  • Addiction is permanent and you can relapse at any moment.

  • If you do relapse you have "failed" and must restart.

  • Addicts are "in denial" and must be forced to acknowledge they cannot control their use.

  • Teach addiction is inbred and biological and thus out of your control.

  • Believe the ONLY solution is medical treatment and membership in support groups

  • Recovering addicts alone are the experts on addiction.

  • Addiction is a "primary" part of your identity.

  • It is important to build a social structure involving recovering addicts.

  • There is only one way to recover.

  • That you can never return to regular or social substance use. 

About DAC

Of course, you’ve been told, as we all have, that substance use is classified as a disease for which you must seek medical treatment or join a support group—something that you may not want to do.

But if you thought about it for a few minutes, you’d realize it just isn’t so.


I believe recovery is built on these
simple human ingredients:

  • Values & Purpose: Which we help you to discover

  • Life Skills: Which we teach you how to acquire

  • Motivation: Which we help you generate

  • Community & Relationship: Which we fine tune with you

Therapy Sessions
Program Options

12 Week Daily Addiction

Like having an addiction coach in your pocket!

Daily texts, weekly goal setting, monthly individual session all for one affordable price without disrupting your life.


individual 1:1 coaching session

An individual coaching session is a one-on-one coaching meeting between a coach and a yourself. The purpose of the meeting is to help you move closer to your goals.  


family/partner support session

A discussion with your partner or anyone that is a part of your support system to explain the program and the process. This is a positive way involve others in your goals with and understanding of the language.


I don't want you to be scared of triggers... I want you to relearn a relationship with them!  So lets go there!!! ​Lets go to those places that "trigger" you and process in that moment so you don't need to avoid life.


experiential session

What's included in our 12 Week Daily Addiction Coaching?

12 Weeks of Daily Support:

Empowering You to Gain Control Over Your Addiction.


Join our comprehensive program designed to equip you with the knowledge and support needed to reach your goals in recovery. Over the course of 12 weeks, we provide a structured framework that includes various elements tailored to meet your specific needs.

Introductory 1 hour Session: A Solid Foundation for Support

Kickstart your journey with a personal 1-hour session, conducted by our experienced coach. This session is designed to enhance your understanding of substance use and its range of treatments, develop a framework for motivation and support to keep you on track , as well as develop strategies to reduce barriers and risks.

Daily Text Messages: Stay Connected and Motivated

Receive daily text messages that form the backbone of our program. These messages encompass check-ins, reflective questions, valuable learning materials, and motivational content. This consistent engagement keeps you connected and motivated on a daily basis.

Weekly Goal Setting: Driving Progress and Focus

Each week, we work together to set meaningful goals that align with the overall theme of your daily texts. These goals provide direction, drive progress, and help you stay focused throughout the program. By breaking the journey into manageable steps, we facilitate steady and impactful change.

Monthly 1-hour Sessions: Continued Learning and Support

As you progress through the program, we offer monthly 1-hour sessions to discuss your achievements, address any challenges, and provide ongoing learning opportunities. These sessions allow us to fine-tune your strategies, introduce new techniques, and provide answers to any questions that may arise along the way.

Tailored to Your Needs: Personalized Support and Additional Resources

We understand that every situation is unique. That's why our program is designed to adapt to your specific requirements. Depending on your needs, we offer additional resources, specialized guidance, and customized support to ensure you receive the assistance necessary for your loved one's recovery journey.

Take the first step towards empowering yourself. Join Daily Addiction Coaching (DAC) and let us support you throughout this transformative 12-week program.


Addiction Myths

​The following are all FALSE.... The best scientific evidence available today indicates that none of the following statements are true. 

  • Drugs change your brain permanently.

  • Very few people who have a drinking problem can ever drink in a social or controlled manner.

  • The user needs to hit rock bottom.

  • Your brain can never fully recover.

  • If you struggle it is because you are not motivated.

  • Surrounding yourself with people and activities involving "recovering addicts" is the only way to rebuild a healthy life.

  • Identifying as an "addict" is beneficial to sobriety. 

Such specific misconceptions grow out of a foundation of false assumptions about the nature of addictions.

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An independent, self-motivated cure for addiction is not just possible but has shown to be successful for life.

You can fight your own addiction and learn to live an addiction free life once more.

Are you ready to begin your recovery
from the comfort of your own home?

Ready to get started but have some questions? 


Book a FREE 30 minute consultation! 

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